Diamond in the Ruff brings the fun with activities appropriate for every season. Come spring and summer, winter and fall, when you visit us in Muskoka, we’ve got it all. Don’t be afraid to bring the kids, either – we’ve got lots in store for them as well. And if you can’t find everything you want here, we can direct you to off-site places that have what you’re looking for.

Choose among an abundance of activities to maximize your fun during the hot months. Whether you’re on surf or turf, we’ve got what you need to make the most of each sun-soaked day. There’s so much to do, you’re sure to keep coming back every season.

• Cycle Path. Hop on a recreational bike and get those legs pumping, whether for leisure or an intense workout. You’ll love to get those wheels turning as you cruise around the resort.

• Fore Real. If golfing’s your fancy, the executive nine-hole course won’t disappoint. And, if you’re looking to step up your game, we’ve even got golf clinics to help fix your handicap. For more information, call the golf shop. 1.877.385.3222 x25

If this kind of weather makes you want to play outside rather than run and hide, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Bundle up nice and warm so you’re well prepared to enjoy all our activities to the fullest. Walking in a winter wonderland is just the beginning.

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Onsite Activities

When the pure white powder hits the ground, we’ve got plenty of activities to keep you around. Take a relaxing horseback ride to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Snow shoeing is another way to promenade around our scenic grounds. For something a little more active, hit our ski trails for some downhill or cross-country fun; just head to Arrowhead Provincial Park for the right equipment.

Offsite Activities

The winter fun doesn’t end with us. Head offsite to partake in more exciting activities that insist you stay outside and play. Go snowmobiling to satisfy your need for speed. Feel somewhat like an Olympian as you strap on some ice skates. Or fulfill your desire for an adrenaline rush as you barrel down a hill on a tube.

Staying at Diamond in the Ruff is like having a season’s pass to Muskoka, because we have activities going on all year ‘round! Whether you’re visiting as a cozy couple, a flock or friends, or a fun-loving family, the offering of activities will have you enjoying your stay with us, no matter if it’s spring, summer, or fall!

Splash Into Fun

We’ve got a lot for you to enjoy in the water. Take a swim, get in a canoe or kayak, go paddle boarding or peddle-boating. And, if you’re not squeamish about handling bait, you can even go fishing.

This Land is Your Land

There’s a host of activities that you’ll love to do on terra firma. Hit the golf course, frolic on the beach, go for bike ride, or play a game of horseshoes. Or, you can simply get back to nature and do some frog hunting, bird watching, or go on a trail walk. Then, when it’s time to wind down, you can make use of the fire pit, or go dining.

We’re not kidding when we say we’re family friendly. So feel free to bring your young children! We have plenty of activities to keep them entertained, both on-site and locally, for every single season. They’ll have so much fun, you may just have trouble getting them to leave!

In the Water

Your children will love to frolic and play in the lake, thanks to all of the activities there are for them in which to partake. They can go swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and peddle boating, or even fishing.

On Land

Lots of fun can also be had out of the water. Kids will love to participate in our offerings, such as putt-putting on a golf course, building sand castles, catching frogs, hiking on nature trails, or biking. Thanks to all of our activities, they’re sure to sleep through the night!